What is Individual Learning?

Why Individual Learning?

Learning (v): To acquire knowledge or skill through study, instruction, or experience. Understanding (n): The mental process of a person who comprehends. To be thoroughly familiar with a skill or piece of information means that a person really owns that knowledge or skill and is able to apply and generalize it in different situations.

As an Individual Learning Specialist, I am committed not only to the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but to the deep understanding needed for a child to apply, transfer, and generalize information. This deep understanding often requires personalized instruction: weaving together pieces of information and hanging new learning on individual experiences and strengths. My students begin to learn and appreciate how their unique brains work.

Individual learning begins with the interest, engagement, and motivation of the learner. The teacher and learner must act as a team with the teacher providing opportunities for discovery and connections to be made by personalizing the delivery and pacing of instruction. Inquiry into the why and the how creates lasting, deep understanding. Individual learning delivered through dynamic, multi-sensory instruction takes into account a person’s unique brain, life experiences, and strengths leads to true understanding.

Making learning personal, engaging, and fun is Sparkle Spot Learning’s model of teaching. Your child will feel energized and successful because truly understanding is the key to developing skills and creating a life-long love of learning.