Spring: A Time for Flexibility!

Spring! It is an exciting time full of special events and the anticipation of transition. We celebrate the completion of school and classes, reflect on our accomplishments and growth, and make plans for our not-so-lazy days of summer. I know for me, spring is a bittersweet time. I am a girl who prefers routine and a pace that allows me to have some down time. The craziness of spring typically makes me hyper-focused, wanting to neatly wrap up everything I have begun during the school year.

This spring is even more bittersweet and focused, as I leave the comfort of a job that I love, and transition to a new adventure full of unknowns. I am having to use all of my flexibility this spring! Thank you for your patience and support as I launch Sparkle Spot Learning! I look forward to the journey and anticipate the joy of new relationships and growth.