Sparkle Spot Learning will not

be hosting camps or groups

during the summer of 2021.

In February 2021, The Sparkle Loft experienced a significant fire. Because of the loss of our space, we have decided to take the summer to regroup. Our small office downstairs is still in use for individual learning.


Past Sparkle Spot Learning Camps

Learning outside in the sunshine!

Academic Learning Made Fun!

Sparkle Spot Summer Learning Camps are designed to provide elementary and middle school students with an opportunity for ongoing academic and social thinking during the summer.

The camps are focused on meeting kids at individual skill levels by providing academic re-teaching in a fun, active, and socially engaging manner. The carefully crafted weeks combine foundational academic skills with an approach to learning that encourages team building, positive thinking, and the growth of a confident academic self-identity.

While the activities reach intentional standards of the common core, they are presented in a way that allows the campers to learn by doing, interacting, and creating a positive learning environment. The camps empower kids to work hard, push through boring moments in learning, and celebrate their unique academic and social strengths.

We hope your child will join us for a week or the summer. Because of the individual attention given to campers, space is limited to 16 kids per week.

“My two girls LOVED your camp. In fact, they said it was the ‘most fun’ of all their camps this summer – wow, that’s a huge compliment!! Thanks again for being so great with our girls.”
Mom of fourth and sixth grade girls

Review and Practice Skills; Build Confidence; Think and Learn!

Our 2020 camp registration opens

January 12, 2020.

We hope your child can join us this summer!


2020 Camp Overview

  • June 3- July 3: Student and parent assessment and goals meetings
  • July 6-10: Reading Grades 1-3
  • July 13-17: Math Grades 1-6
  • July 20-24: Sparkle Kids! Grades 1-6
  • July 27- 31: Writing Composition Grades 3-8
  • August 10-14: Study Skills Grades 4-8
  • August 17-21: Literacy Review  Grades 1-6

I loved camp because we would come together as a community and we learned in a fun way. My favorite camp to go to is writing camp because in school we don’t get to write on our own topic, but at writing camp we are free to write whatever we want and grow as writers. I also loved helping the little kids at Reading Camp. I can’t wait for this summer!
Avery, 8th grader

Class Descriptions

Math Launch!  Grades 1-6 July 13-17

Magnificent Metric Measurement!

Join us for the first week of summer to launch a summer of math foundations and  just-right practice at your child’s math level. We will talk about the big ideas of base 10, patterns, algebra, multi-step problem solving, and word problems. For our older mathematicians, this camp will also focus on systematic, multi-sensory strategies for remembering those pesky multiplication facts to 10. Kids will work at their just-right level to increase their understanding, accuracy, confidence, and positive feelings towards math. Want more math support? Check out our new weekly multiplication fact class taking place on 6 Wednesday evenings this summer!

Reading Foundations Grades 1-3 July 6-10 

Reading Partners!


This one week session will focus on the foundational understandings that help kids decode words and read fluently. Full group mini lessons, as well as small focus groups, will allow campers to practice sight words, English vowel sounds, and strategies for word attack and fluency. Students will have an opportunity to put lessons to application individually through activities, games, and projects.  Sign up for one week or both!

Sparkle Kids! Grades 2-6 July 20-July 24 

Working and Problem Solving Together!



You’ve asked for a social camp during the summer, and we are doing it! This brand new week long camp will focus on the social-emotional skills kids use to regulate emotions, work and play with peers, and tolerate boring moments or unpleasant tasks. We will work together to practice social emotional vocabulary, perspective taking, and team work. Our work will be fun, dynamic, and project-based. Join us this summer for this cool new camp!

Writing Composition Grades 3-8 July 27-31

The Weekly Sparkle by the Writing Camp Kids!


Spend a week focusing on the writing process; from ideas, organization, and sentence creation, to the act of writing and editing. We will explore three types of writing: narrative, informational, and opinion. Kids will have daily opportunity to practice writing using the tools learned in class. Campers will work together to plan and create a camp newspaper to share with families.

Study Skills Grades 4-8 August 10-14

Working on a joint research project!

This camp will focus on creating confidence and skills in executive functioning and collaboration. We will touch on skills that help with organization, note taking, breaking apart big projects, research, pacing, and creating systems for getting things done. The week will allow campers to work in a small group on a creative project, exposing them to important teamwork concepts including growth mindset and flexible thinking.

Literacy Review Grades 1-6 August 17-21

Spelling in Nature!



Review and re-engage in concepts of school: reading, writing, spelling, and the social savvy needed to be part of a group. This will be a positive review and warm-up to going back to the academic and social demands of being in school.

Week Long Camp Logistics


Weekly Sessions- Monday-Friday, 9:00-12:00


Sparkle Spot Learning Center in North Seattle (5505 30th Ave NE, 98105)


  • $300 per week for one summer session
  • $275 per week for two summer sessions
  • $250 per week for three or more summer sessions

There will be a $125 assessment and materials fee for the summer. Each student and parent will be invited for a 45 minute basic assessment and goals session beginning the week of June 3. (Campers who are current students at Sparkle Spot Learning will be charged only the $50 materials fee.)


All Sparkle Spot Learning Camps are led by Julie Hannan M.Ed, a certified K-8 teacher trained in several intervention strategies including Wired for Reading, Lindamood-Bell, Handwriting without Tears, and Social Thinking. She founded Sparkle Spot Learning in 2011 with the mission of helping kids build needed academic skills with a focus on their social-emotional needs, individual strengths, and creating motivation for learning. Julie Gjording, MA, brings her experience and teaching skills, as well as a healthy dose of  enthusiasm for creative learning to our team. Also joining the camp staff is Mia Young, a kindergarten paraprofessional at the EEU, and Annabelle Hannan, the youngest daughter of  Julie, a student at Whitman College. Each session will host a maximum of 16 students.


We are sorry to cancel our camps this summer.

For more information please call or email Julie Hannan at 206-271-6808 or Each camp will host a maximum of 16 students, so reserve your spot early!