Mother-Daughter Weekend Workshop

This format combines topics presented in nine weeks into a compact weekend experience. Moms and girls meet together Friday evening and again the next day, participating together in an engaging day of learning, thinking,  and discussion about social emotional content.

Moms may choose to follow up with a session of individual parent coaching after the full day workshop. This option allows moms to reflect on the experience and/or plan for next steps in the relationship with their daughters or real-time individual social challenges.

Fall 2019 Workshop Details: October 18-19, 2019

Join us for the Mother-Daughter Weekend Workshop on Friday and Saturday, October 18-19, 2019. We will begin Friday evening with a Moms only meeting (7:00-8:30ish) to set the stage for our Saturday class. Then, moms and girls will meet together all day Saturday (9:00-3:30) for a dynamic day of learning. This weekend is open to third, fourth, and fifth grade girls and their moms. The group is limited to eight Mother-Daughter pairs.

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Mother-Daughter Weekend Workshop- $350 for each mother-daughter team.

Custom Mother-Daughter Connection Groups

If you have a group of 6 or more mothers and daughters, I will work with your calendars to form a class that meets the needs of your specific group. Contact me to discuss the possibilities! Nine sessions: $400 per mother-daughter pair.

The Mother-Daughter Group format allows girls and their mothers to learn information and develop new understandings about the feelings and perceptions of each other as well as other members of the group. By practicing open communication and creating common language to share ideas in a safe environment, girls and moms will develop new tools to navigate the social and emotional side of elementary school and beyond.

Group sessions will include full-group and small-group activities and discussions. There will also be opportunities for mother-daughter teams to engage in “Talking Topics” between classes. New to the learning experience are 3 Moms Only sessions to share, discuss, and reflect.

Mother-Daughter Connections Group: 9 weeks – $400. Spots for up to 8 mother-daughter teams. There is a $100 discount for the mother who acts as the liaison to help with scheduling the group.

Navigating the Social World of Elementary School

Navigating the Social World of Elementary School is a workshop experience designed by Julie Hannan, creator of Sparkle Spot Learning. Over the course of nine weeks, participants have the opportunity to work individually, as moms and daughters, and in small groups. The format of the sessions will be engaging and active, allowing for age appropriate discussion and fun. This program combines Julie’s passion and knowledge about curriculum design, social thinking and learning, character education, female relational aggression, and the PCI parent coaching model.

Week 1– Moms Only
Setting the Stage- Hopes and Challenges

Week 2– What are your Sparkles?
Introduction to the Brain and Individual Strengths

Week 3– What causes feelings?
Exploring Emotions and Feelings

Week 4– What do you do with all those feelings?
Emotional Regulation

Week 5– Moms Only
Developmental Stages of Friendship

Week 6What makes a good friend?
Defining Friendship

Week 7– Why is friendship so complicated?
Complexities of Friendship

Week 8– Why is my friend mean to me?
Developmental Conflict vs. Relational Aggression

Week 9– Moms Only…Empowering our daughters!

More about the group…

“Julie Hannan’s Mother/Daughter group is a unique opportunity for mothers to actively support the social and emotional development of their daughters. Julie brings together a group of committed parents who want to help their daughters navigate the complex social web of preadolescence and guide them towards developing healthy and successful social relationships. The Mother/Daughter group offers participants the opportunity to articulate their own beliefs, values, and priorities about friendship; explore friendship options; and the chance to consider different strategies to negotiate social conflict when difficulties arise. Under Julie’s guidance, mothers and daughters alike are encouraged to connect and gain perspective of their social selves by exploring feelings, engaging in conversations and sharing personal stories and life experiences.”
Lisa, mom

“In Mother/Daughter Group Ms. Hannan liked to stretch both our brains and our hearts. I realized that some of the girls that I had difficult relationships with, actually had many of the same feelings that I did. I began to listen to them with an open heart and open mind. I also liked getting to know other mothers better. it was really neat listening to their stories from growing up. We are all just doing our best at growing up.”
Jessica, 11 years old

For more information or to register, call or email Julie at 206.271.6808