Individual Learning: More than Tutoring

There are times when children need some extra time or one-on-one support in order to understand, generalize, and practice a given concept or skill. The educators at Sparkle Spot Learning are available to meet your child’s unique and specific needs in a supportive, fun environment.

We are committed to supporting families and their unique needs. Working with parents, we will either design a dynamic plan specific to the needs of your child or follow the recommendations provided by a formal assessment. Regardless of whether your child has been formally assessed or not, our time together is a journey with both long term goals and logistical details to be figured out along the way. Communication with parents, teachers, professionals, and children; a true team-work approach, is the cornerstone to our work with each child. Alongside our work with children, parents may participate in a coaching approach to extend attitudes, work habits, and skills into school and home.

“Sparkle Spot Learning is super fun! When I come to Sparkle Spot, I feel comfortable to be myself and I feel able to ask questions about something I don’t understand, when I am embarrassed to ask it in the classroom. My tutor, Julie, helps me with homework and gives me mini-lessons on the work I struggle with, making it easier to learn than in the classroom. Julie is not just my teacher but also my friend.”
Lila, 7th grader

Using a multi-sensory, positive approach allows children to understand foundational concepts and learn important skills while building a strong sense of accomplishment. We look for the “sparkle” in each child and work to recognize and celebrate his or her strengths while shoring up the skills that may be more difficult for a particular child. We want children to feel like they have the skills and strategies, the resilience and perseverance needed to be successful in school and life. This “Learning How to Learn” approach empowers parents to support their child in extending positive thinking, work habits, and a willingness to make mistakes into multiple learning environments.

Our experience as classroom teachers has created opportunities for us to sparkle in a variety of teaching areas. We are trained in a variety of reading, writing and math curricula. We understand the appropriate progression of skills to meet the needs of your child. In addition, time in the classroom has permitted us to develop skills for effectively delivering best-practice  instructional methods using a variety of techniques. My passion and attention to the social and emotional needs of children help students develop the skills of resilience, positive thinking, and self awareness. By engaging children’s thinking, and noticing subtleties in their understanding, I am able to craft my teaching to meet the needs of individual learners. By adding a coaching component into the work with children, parents understand and appreciate the strengths and challenges of their child.

We are excited to work with all levels of elementary and middle school-aged students and families in literacy, math, and executive functioning skills.

We look forward to working with you and your child!  206.271.6808