Mindful Monday Parenting Conversations

Creating Positive Conversation and Purposeful Parenting 
with parent coach and educator Julie Hannan

What are Mindful Mondays?

Mindful Monday Parenting Conversations were developed for families to begin mindful, positive conversations around common parenting experiences. This year’s talks are a collection of topics focusing on purposeful thinking about parenting issues related to school and learning. Join us in the Sparkle Spot Learning Loft for an evening of ideas, collective inspiration, and parenting connection.

Mindful Mondays will generally be the second Monday of the month. Join us at the Sparkle Spot Learning Loft, 5509 30th Ave NE, Seattle

2019-2020 Parenting Conversations


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The Details…

Time and Place:

  • Doors open at 6:45 for conversation and connection
  • A facilitated conversation begins at 7:00 
  • Sparkle Spot Learning Loft 
  • 5509 30th Ave NE, Seattle 98105

Come join us for this free evening of thinking and connection! RSVP by emailing sparklespotlearning@gmail.com.

About the Facilitators

Julie Hannan is a Teacher and Parent Coach specializing in working with children and parents around social, emotional, and academic challenges. She founded Sparkle Spot Learning, a teaching model that celebrates individual strengths, while building needed skills for “success” in our current culture. As a parent coach, Julie helps parents find the things that are working to build a positive plan enabling positive change in relationships and the dynamics of a family.

Cathy Swanson has spent the past 6 years working for Seattle Children’s Hospital in both the outpatient setting and in the emergency room.  Her work in the outpatient setting has  primarily focused on providing evidenced based treatment to children and adolescents who struggle with anxiety and depression.  Cathy has worked individually, with families and in the group setting.  Prior to working at Seattle Children’s, Cathy worked for Youth Eastside Services in both the clinic and school setting.  This worked was also centered around youth and their struggles with anxiety, depression and relationship issues, both with family members and peers.  In addition to her work with youth, Cathy has provided parent coaching, support and recommendations for behavioral strategies in response to their child’s needs.

Emily Cherkin, aka The Screentime Consultant, is a nationally and internationally recognized consultant who has worked with families and schools in Seattle and beyond for fifteen years. In addition to navigating the challenges of parenting in a distracted digital age, Emily also facilitates workshops, professional development trainings, and school presentations around Seattle that take a “tech-intentional” approach. In addition to a fifteen-year teaching career in Seattle area schools, Emily is part of two national working groups for the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood’s Children’s Screentime Action Network and a graduate of the Leading Women in Technology’s Women in Leadership Program (WILPower). Emily has been featured in The New York Times, on The Today Show, Good Morning, America, Australia’s “Weekend Today”, Sirius XM Radio, on parenting blogs such as Fatherly.com and ParentMap.org, as well as featured in local Seattle news on both radio and television. Emily lives and breathes today’s screentime challenges as a mom to an 11-year-old and an 8-year-old.

Heather Schuman

Past Mindful Mondays

October 14, 2019 – Coaching your Child in the Age of Anxiety with Cathy Swanson, MS, LMHC

It is not uncommon for both parents and children to experience some level of anxiety. Our society is more divided, moving at a faster pace, with more demands, than ever before. Join us for a discussion about anxiety and what we, as parents can do to help ourselves and coach our children to live a healthy, balanced life. We will explore strategies for decreasing anxiety and building resilience in our families.

November 18, 2019 – School Choice: Finding the “Right School” for your Child with Julie Hannan, M.Ed.

November’s parenting conversation is an opportunity to think about what school may be the right school fit for your family and child. Come discuss the differences between public and private schools; traditional, specialized, and alternative schools; as well as hybrid or homeschooling options. Julie will help guide parents to consider personal values, your own child’s natural strengths and needs, and your hopes for the future. We will also talk about private school applications and school district timelines. Whether you are choosing an elementary, middle, or high school, considering a school change, or just researching schools, join us for an interesting evening of discussion and learning.

January 13, 2020 – Screentime: Parenting in the Digital Age with Emily Cherkin, MA

In this digital age, technology and screentime abound, parents are faced with new challenges in how to navigate an ever changing social and cognitive landscape in the infancy of development and research. How can we as parents find family balance with how we use screens and technology, either for work, family life, school, or entertainment? When we choose a tech-based option, what do we gain? What do we lose or replace? And what do we model for our children? Come to this discussion to learn concrete things you can do today to help your family find balance in the chaos of our digital world.

February 10, 2020 – Executive Function: Building Skills for Independence with Heather Schuman, MS, OTR/L

March 9, 2010 – Evaluations and Assessments: Important Things to Consider with Pamela Attebury, LICSW