Home School Support

Are you thinking about home schooling or traveling with your children, but would like the support of an experienced certified teacher? Call me for an educational consultation, to help you design and implement effective curriculum, or to work individually with your child and family.

Receive the support you need for a successful home school experience! Call me to talk about your home schooling needs. 206-271-6808

  • Home School Coaching and Support
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Full Year Planning
  • Assessments
  • Basic Skill Building and Intervention
  • On-line Learning Options
  • International Travel Experiential Learning Plans

“Julie’s curriculum was an absolute game-changer on our trip around the world. She provided us with a theme to focus on in 13 different countries and connected us to books set in the countries we visited, which enabled my teenagers to really engage in place-based learning wherever we went. My kids would not have learned one quarter of what they did without Julie. And they re-entered school with all A’s their first semester back in the States which I’m convinced is due to the hard work Julie put them through on the road!  I can’t recommend her enough.”
Colleen, Mom