Review by Julie Hannan

With so many resources available on the internet, it is easy to become overwhelmed with information. Understood.org is one of my favorite go-to websites for current research and ideas about education, learning, and parenting. Furthermore, the Understood newsletter provides me with relevant food-for-thought in an easy to read format. I always learn something new and appreciate the amount and depth of understandable resources available in one place. When you visit for the first time, give yourself time to get lost in exploration or use the search bar to dive into a specific topic. Happy Learning!

Wise Minded Parenting by Laura Kastner

Review by Julie Hannan

Parenting is complicated! I love reading Laura Kastner’s books because she really seems to understand that parenting situations can send even the most competent parents into a state of outrage, exhausted disgust, or extreme frustration. This book is a straightforward guide, coaching parents in strategies to keep cool and make purposeful decisions, even in the most outrageous parenting dilemmas. The extremely meaty book is full of real-life scenarios, possible conversations, essential activities, and wise-minded mantras; allĀ  sprinkled throughout the relevant text. Finally, the seven chapter book includes two of my favorite topics: self-control and emotional flourishing. For parents of tweens and teens (which every child will eventually become), this book is a must have!

The Whole Brain Child by Daniel Siegel

Review by Liz Huehnergarth

Kids frequently experience big feelings. Sometimes they really “flip their lids”, especially? when the homework gets hard and siblings get annoying. The Whole Brain Child? by Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson, gives parents practical strategies for helping kids integrate these big emotions with rational responses. Through story-telling, changing focus, and responding with empathy, parents can help their children recognize and move past challenging emotional situations. One of my favorite components of the book is the comic strip illustrations. The strips show everyday situations and how parents can use whole-brain strategies when responding to children. This book will help with strategies to meet your child in a healthy place when emotions run high!