Announcing…Summer Spot

Are you concerned your child may not be ready for the next grade? Are you thinking your child may need summer school to maintain or build academic skills? Do you want your child to “be a kid” and have a summer? Do you want your child to feel confident beginning school in the fall? You are not alone!

Summer Spot is a unique program designed to build skills needed for learning in a fun, supportive, positive atmosphere. Each week will provide opportunities for purposeful individual and group activities designed to practice thinking, motor, and academic skills. The curriculum will foster social interaction, using researched based, multi-sensory methods to engage learning, build understanding, and nurture confidence.

Your child’s needs are as unique as your child. As a parent, you have a deep understanding of your child. Your Summer Spot registration includes a 30 minute parent-teacher conference to discuss the strengths and goals for your child’s summer work. Your child will bring home a daily “sparkle note” to communicate the day’s events, potentially sparking home connections.

Please send completed registration form and payment to:

Julie Hannan
Sparkle Spot Learning
8012 18th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115