Sparkle Notes

“I wish that I had Julie Hannan in my back pocket, so that whenever I was faced with a parenting challenge, I could simply pull her out for good advice.” Barb, mom

“Julie is everything a parent should want in a teacher. She tells it like it is out of love, caring, and a true commitment to the welfare of her students.” Lesley, mom

“Julie Hannan’s Mother/Daughter group is a unique opportunity for mothers to actively support the  social and emotional development of their daughters. Julie brings together a group of committed parents who want to help their daughters navigate the complex social web of preadolescence and guide them towards developing healthy and successful social relationships. The Mother/Daughter group offers participants the opportunity to articulate their own beliefs, values, and priorities about friendship; explore friendship options; and the chance to consider different strategies to negotiate social conflict when difficulties arise. Under Julie’s guidance, mothers and daughters alike are encouraged to connect and gain perspective of their social selves by exploring feelings, engaging in conversations and sharing personal stories and life experiences.” Lisa, mom

“Ms. Hannan has such a passion for math, it is impossible for her students not to feel inspired.” Vickery, mom

“Julie is one of those rare and exceptional teachers, one who is equally wonderful with both parents and children. She is accessible and warm, welcoming and encouraging, insightful and honest. Her ability to see the whole child and to honestly assess their gifts and challenges was instrumental in early identification of areas of learning concerns for our children.” Danielle, mom

“Julie leads interesting and deep conversations. She facilitates and encourages children to express their feelings and communicate appropriately while building community.” Fay, Meridian teacher

“I appreciate how Julie gets to know each child, REALLY gets to know each child. She was always aware of how my daughter was feeling about things and what really made her tick.” Barb, mom

“Julie’s enthusiasm and love of teaching and guiding children is a gift that we are honored to have received. Thank you Julie.” Megan, mom

“Julie, you have been an inspiration to watch this year! Your genuine love for teaching shines through everything you do. I feel so lucky to have you as a mentor.” Libby, Meridian teacher

“Julie can take a step back, look at an event, a comment, or a situation, and ask an inquiring question that is SPOT ON to open your eyes and help you see outside the box. Often she delivers that question with a such a smile that any problem is diffused.” Anne, teacher


Kids drawings

Sparkles Notes: The Kids

“Ms. Hannan is as fun as a dog. You are as nice as a rainbow. I will miss you.” Trevor, 6 years old

“In Mother/Daughter Group Ms. Hannan liked to stretch both our brains and our hearts. I realized that some of the girls that I had difficult relationships with, actually had many of the same feelings that I did. I began to listen to them with an open heart and open mind. I also liked getting to know other mothers better. it was really neat listening to their stories from growing up.  We are all just doing our best at growing up.” Jessica, 11 years old

“I hope that you get Ms. Hannan because she is BENDY. You know what I mean? Things don’t always have to be done her way, but she ALWAYS has good suggestions.”  Adele, 7 years old

“Ms. Hannan is a sparkling sun.” Claire, 6 years old

“Ms. Hannan is fun to do math with and she is kind to other kids.” Julia, 6 years old

“I remember how in kindergarten I used to make so much random noise and it probably drove you mad. But you put up with my whistling, clicking, humming, rolling of the Rs and such. I also remember taking down decorations around the classroom at the end of the year and not realizing how I would miss you and kindergarten and how you taught, for the rest of my life. I owe you many many many thank yous.” Clara, 10 years old

“Ms. Hannan works really hard.” Tor, 6 years old

“Ms. Hannan is really good at math.” Ella, 6 years old

“I will always be your friend.” Maile, 7 years old

“My sparkle memory is…. when I first met you, I noticed you were very happy. That made me feel happy.” Eli, age 8

“Ms. Hannan is a sparkly teacher like a flower and a sun.” Charlotte, age 6