Julie Hannan
Julie Hannan, founder

Sparkle Spot Learning began with the simple vision of providing support to children struggling in school with academic learning. As a former kindergarten teacher, Julie Hannan noticed that many children in her class and school were seeking outside support to “keep up” with the expectations at school. Parents were looking for support in handwriting and reading in the early grades, and math and writing in later elementary school. Students were also working with therapists on social emotional skills, sensory integration challenges, attention, and communication.

Since 2011, Sparkle Spot Learning has continued to grow in order to meet the needs of kids and families seeking extra support with academic and learning challenges. Over time, a unique consolidation of pedagogy merged, creating the current mission and culture Sparkle Spot Learning educators practice today.

A lifelong learner, Julie Hannan created Sparkle Spot Learning by synthesizing key components of Wired for Reading ®, a literacy program for kids and adults with dyslexia; The Parent Coaching Institute ®, a yearlong program Julie took to become a certified parent coach; and Social Thinking ®, a social-emotional learning methodology intended to build awareness, vocabulary, and skills in social competencies. The work of Laura Rogan, Gloria DeGaetano, and Michelle Garcia Winner respectively, inspired Julie to create a place that used researched based, best practices for systematic teaching of literacy and math, combined with a purposeful focus on social emotional competencies and support of parents through coaching.

After working independently for several years, Julie began to expand Sparkle Spot Learning by mentoring a diverse cohort of like-minded educators. Sparkle Spot Learning educators share a teaching pedagogy that includes dynamic instruction, focusing on the strengths and challenges of each unique learner. In addition, our educators value building authentic partnerships with students, parents, and other important adults in a child’s life. We appreciate knowing the whole child and family, and feel that a solid relationship is the foundation of social, emotional, and academic growth.