Spring 2022 Update

Sparkle Spot Learning has downsized. Julie Hannan is currently working alone, seeing kids and families at Sparkle Spot Learning, in schools, and (a few) online. Sparkle Spot Learning is not offering classes, camps, or groups at this time.

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Through a culture of kindness, authentic relationships, and collaboration with families, the educators at Sparkle Spot Learning celebrate individual strengths, build skills, and allow time for the creation of confidence in learning.

Sparkle Spot Learning’s commitment to connection and relationships empowers parents and students to be a part of a positive learning partnership. Parents receive support to help guide their children through the complications of school’s academic, social, and emotional challenges. At the same time, our individual learning specialists know and appreciate the strengths and challenges of our students.

We want each student in our practice to develop a positive, trusting relationship with a Sparkle Spot Learning educator who cares about the uniqueness of that child’s mind and heart. By establishing trust and motivation for learning, we use researched-based instruction to support our students’ authentic understanding, academic growth, and learning goals.