The Parent Coaching Institute Model

The PCI model approaches coaching in an appreciative inquiry journey that takes a client through four stages: Discovery, Dream, Design, and Destiny. Like many things we do, parenting is a process that benefits from constant change and growth. A coach can help a parent be more conscious in his or her parenting choices. Because of the complexity involved in parenting, the coaching process generally takes about 10-12 weeks.

Week 1: Intake

Our first meeting or call is an intake to talk about what brought you to coaching, what you are hoping to gain from the experience, and the challenges you personally face as a parent.

Weeks 2-4: Discovery and Dream

In the discovery and dream phase of coaching, the client is discovering (or rediscovering) what is working and appreciating the things in life that bring joy and meaning, and then clearly defining what a preferred future would look and feel like.

Weeks 5-10: Design

The bulk of the coaching process is the design phase which gets down to the logistics of how to make small (or big) changes that can lead to that preferred future. We use what we have learned about what works and what we appreciate to make changes in ourselves, our approach to parenting, and our motivation. It is truly amazing how changes in us lead to positive changes in the child and the family. Sometimes, more coaching sessions are added to this phase to work on multiple challenges.

Final Week: Destiny

The final call, Destiny swings back to look at the journey, celebrate success, and reflect on how to maintain this new way of parenting.

“I feel more relaxed about my parenting decisions now. ¬†They don’t seem as black and white (bad or good) as they used to. This gives me more courage and confidence to follow what I think is best for my kids.” ¬†Elizabeth, parent