Reading, Writing, and Spelling

Literacy is one of the most important skills to develop in early elementary school. Fluency in reading and writing leads to a life of learning, communication, and access to information. Most children need some explicit instruction to learn to read and spell. In school, that instruction begins early and is built upon throughout elementary school. If a child is not developmentally ready to learn the skills being taught, or if a child is not picking up the information delivered to the whole group, he or she may begin to fall behind in the ability to process classroom instruction. It is common for some individuals to need different means of instruction and more practice than their peers.

Early intervention has been shown to improve reading and self-esteem outcomes in children struggling to read proficiently. Using assessment to understand a child’s learning profile is the key to addressing gaps in knowledge and skills. As an individual learning specialist, I am skilled in meeting a child at his or her understanding and skill level. Using Wired for Reading, along with other research based, systematic, and multisensory programs; I┬áspecialize in using a child’s “sparkles” and strengths to teach exactly what an individual child needs to build skills, confidence, and a connection to classroom learning.

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