Handwriting is a systematic skill often taking many hours of “perfect” practice to master. Like all skills, handwriting comes easily to some children and is a painful daily chore to others. There are many pieces, both physical and visual, that must fit together for a child to be¬†successful and efficient at the physical act of writing.

Handwriting Without Tears is a systematic, multisensory approach to handwriting that builds skills and allows for “perfect” practice to create a child’s motor memory and fluency in handwriting.

After years of teaching handwriting to kindergarten students, I have added my own creativity and sense of fun to handwriting instruction. Adding some spice and interest to handwriting increases a student’s motivation to persevere during that time of “perfect” practice. Hand Man, the Sparkle Desk, and the Handwriting Police all add to the sense of fun and help build a child’s interest and confidence in handwriting.

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