Mindful Monday Parenting Conversations

Creating Positive Conversation and Purposeful Parenting 
with parent coach and educator Julie Hannan

 New Teacher, New Year: Navigating Transitions in School and Social Development

Monday, September 25, 2017 6:30-8:30 (Talk begins at 7:00)

at Sparkle Spot Learning Loft:

5509 30th Ave NE, Seattle 98105

What are Mindful Mondays?

Mindful Monday Parenting Conversations were developed for families to begin mindful, positive conversations around common parenting experiences. This year’s talks are a collection of topics focusing on purposeful thinking about parenting issues related to school and learning. Join us in the Sparkle Spot Learning Loft for an evening of ideas, collective inspiration, and parenting connection.

Mindful Mondays will generally be the fourth Monday of the month.

September 25, 2017- New Teacher, New Year: Navigating Transitions

Summer is over; school has started; new routines are falling into place. September brings newness that can be both exciting and uncomfortable for parents and kids. Sometimes the new school year presents unexpected challenges in communicating with teachers and school, figuring out new classroom structures, getting back into homework routines, and reconnecting with school friends and classmates. This talk offers a real look at common September challenges along with practical ideas and strategies for how we, as parents, can do our part to smoothly navigate this annual period of transition.

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April 23, 2018- When and How Much? Parenting in the Media Age

The Details…

Time and Place:

  • Doors open at 6:30 for conversation and connection
  • Talks begin at 7:00 with questions and conversation following
  • Sparkle Spot Learning Loft 
  • 2914 NE 55th Street, Seattle 98105

Come join us for this free evening of thinking and connection!

About the Speaker

Julie Hannan is a Teacher and Parent Coach specializing in working with children and parents around social, emotional, and academic challenges. She founded Sparkle Spot Learning, a teaching model that celebrates individual strengths, while building needed skills for “success” in our current culture. As a parent coach, Julie helps parents find the things that are working to build a positive plan enabling positive change in relationships and the dynamics of a family.

All of The Mindful Monday Parenting Conversations will be held at

Sparkle Spot Learning Loft

5509 30th Ave NE, Seattle, 98105