I am Julie Hannan, creator and founder of Sparkle Spot Learning. I am a dedicated educator and parent coach, passionate about understanding the strengths of individuals and striving to meet the unique needs of each family with whom I work.

As humans, we all are born with a unique brain and individual learning profile. From the time we are born, and throughout our lives our brains are forming pathways. The pathways are formed in a predictable yet unique way according to who we are and what we experience. We all have a potential to sparkle in many ways, yet children, parents, and families often get bogged down by the complexities of our world. It is easy to become discouraged in our fast paced, media focused world.

Sparkle Spot Learning brings the focus back to the celebration of your values and individual strengths while purposely building the skills needed for a “successful” life in the 21st century. Join me in bringing out the sparkle in your child and family!

Call me to discuss learning  and coaching options for your family.  206.271.6808