Julie Hannan

Julie Hannan is an experienced, passionate educator with over 20 years of teaching experience. She is both a certified K-8 teacher as well as a certified PCI Parent Coach. In 2011, Julie left the classroom to work individually with elementary aged kids and their families.

Her teaching experience includes many years in the classroom at both private and public schools. An avid learning enthusiast, she has taken countless classes, continuing to hone her craft by putting the latest research into practice. Creative and fun, Julie is a master at combining the art and science of teaching. Julie is married and the mother of 3 girls. Outside the classroom, she has been a Girl Scout leader, volunteered in schools and church, designed curriculum, facilitated PEPS groups, and coached many parents. Julie is a graduate of the University of Washington with a BA in Psychology, K-8 teaching certificate, and a M.Ed in Learning and Technology. In 2013 she earned her Parent Coach Certification through the Parent Coaching Institute affiliated with Seattle Pacific University.

 Julie Gjording

Julie Gjording joins Sparkle Spot Learning as an Individual Learning Specialist, ready to work with students on literacy, math, and learning skills.

Julie is an experienced educator who is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of students. Her empathy, gentle nature and sense of humor help to create a safe learning environment, thus helping her students to be able to take risks and enjoy celebrating their successes. Working together with students to build on their strengths and interests, Julie helps motivate and empower her students.

Julie taught elementary students in Oregon for 15 years. She graduated from Portland State University with a B.A. in sociology and child & family studies. She later earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from University of Portland. Julie currently enjoys making connections on a personal level with students and families through her individual and small group learning sessions in Seattle. As a lifelong learner, Julie loves to grow professionally and to implement current educational practices into her work with students.

Mia Young


Cate and Claire Cate and Claire Hannan

Cate and Claire Hannan are two of Julie’s three daughters. They both work  as instructors for mother-daughter classes, summer camps, and work individually with students.

Cate Hannan is a 2014 graduate of Whitman College, majoring in Sociology. She has worked as a swim instructor and with a local pediatric occupational therapist. She currently works as a paraprofessional at the Experimental Education Unit (EEU), teaching kindergarten to a spirited bunch of diverse learners. She is trained in Handwriting Without Tears, Social Thinking, and has attended the Early Childhood Conference. Cate a contributing creator of Sparkle Spot Summer Camps and the new Sparkle Girl! Social Friendship Group. She also works individually with students in the areas of handwriting and spelling.

Claire Hannan is a 2016 graduate of Whitworth University with a degree in Elementary and Special Education. She currently works for Mukilteo School District as a Behavioral Specialist. During the summer, Claire works at Sparkle Spot summer camps and individually with students in literacy and math. She is also the “daughter” in weekend Mother-Daughter workshops.








Mike Drummond


Mike is our fantastic middle school math guy. He’s cool and he knows his math stuff! Mike is a middle school math teacher in the Seattle Public Schools. He understands the Common Core, but more importantly, he understands middle school kids!

Helen Ippolito

Helen joins Sparkle Spot Learning as a specialist in office management. In addition to working with our kids at camp, she is a photographer, technology master, and overall creative problem solver. Helen will be entering her senior year at Lewis and Clark College where she is earning a degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.