About Sparkle Spot Learning

Sparkle Spot Learning was created in 2011 to meet the needs of families desiring a bit of extra support. Sparkle Spot Learning supports the whole family, both children and parents. It is common for elementary aged children to  need support with academic, social, and/or emotional learning. With the social pressures and academic rigor in school, many children are working hard to keep up with the expectations of our fast-paced world.

Alongside their children, this unique learning environment allows parents to thrive in a positive coaching relationship; receiving support to guide their children through the complications of school’s academic, social and emotional challenges. This two pronged approach empowers parents to create positive home learning environments by creating a positive feedback loop of interactions with their children.

Sparkle Spot Learning’s mission is to support and celebrate the strengths of each child and family while building skills that may be challenging. By recognizing and utilizing the “sparkles” in an individual child, parent, and family, it is possible to address challenging skills and behaviors while at the same time creating positive relationships, work habits, and thinking skills.